By means of experimented and multidisciplinary team, TESCO elaborates technical and economic feasibility studies. This stage, which is necessary before starting a project, will allow appreciating the technical feasibility of the project and its economic viability based on the identification of potential clients, the comparison of technical proposals, the analysis of business environment and the analysis of data related to similar projects.

Market research is an essential tool to help clients understand the market and thus to adopt the right choice in business strategy.

TESCO proposes studies that allow to:

  • Check the potential market
  • Identify and understand the functioning of the market and its players
  • Evaluate the positioning of the company on the market compared to competition
  • Determine the quantitative and qualitative profile of potential customers
  • Set goals and make sure that those are achievable
  • Determine a marketing strategy
  • Establish a sales forecast

TESCO is capable of mobilizing a team of multidisciplinary experts with recognized expertise, and providing its customers with concrete and consistent solutions, with their strategic, financial and operational objectives through:

  • Developing upgrade strategic diagnostics
  • Controlling the Upgrade implementation action plans
  • Developing financial restructuring files
  • Financial arrangements and assisting in closure of financing schemes
  • The implementation of systems of quality and environment management

TESCO plays the role of assistant/ consultant to the client through assistance and counselling while proceeding with administrative tasks required for the land management which is necessary in the first steps of the project to obtain the authorization to use the site through an agreement or any other formal document established between the project company and the site owner.

TESCO also takes care of the documents required to change the land purpose of farming sites.