Dear Clients and Business Partners,

We are all currently facing unprecedented moments in history with the worldwide spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19).

At TESCO, we are taking utmost care of our people and at the same time are continuing to focus on how to best support our clients and business partners.

The current uncertainty is causing us at TESCO to do everything we can to slow down the spread of the corona virus. Your health, that of your family and that of the entire TESCO team and their relatives is our top priority.

We are following the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO) and of local governments, and are closely monitoring the changing circumstances. In line with the ever-changing situation, we are taking the necessary decisions, such as restricting face-to-face business meetings and adapting our working practices accordingly.

Our clients’ projects and operations are extremely important to us. Based on our highly flexible approach, combined with our collaborative business culture and our ability to work remotely, we remain fully committed and able to continue rendering services for our valued clients and business partners.

Although these times are extremely demanding, we are well prepared, and highly confident that together with our clients and business partners we will successfully overcome the upcoming challenges and even strengthen our resilience capabilities.

Stay healthy and best regards.


Dipl.-Ing. Mourad Kaabi

Chief Executive Officer

The Company

A global business with local roots

TESCO is a renowned consulting engineering company, which overlooks industrial firms with the intention of resolving industrial and environmental problems.
TESCO offers interdisciplinary consultancy in the fields of environment and safety; water and infrastructure; energy; and management support.

By both concentrating and expanding the available resources, we have created a highly efficient center of competence and specialized knowledge which enables us to perform both national and international engineering and consultancy tasks for our clients in a successful manner particularly in the fields of environmental and energy engineering.

Our Business Sectors

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Renewable energies
  • Thermal solar energy
  • Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Wind power
  • Biomass
  • Geothermal energy
Energy efficiency
  • Energy audits
  • Cogeneration
  • Trigeneration
  • Quadrigeneration
  • Waste Heat Recovery systems (WHR)
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Air quality management
  • Flue gas processing
  • Dispersion and modelling of atmospheric emissions
  • Monitoring emissions
Industrial safety and technological risks
  • Hazard studies
  • Study of fire safety
  • Internal Operation Plan
  • Emergency plans
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Water management
  • Drinking water stations
  • Water supply networks
  • Desalination of brackish water
  • Desalination of seawater
  • Hydraulic engineering
Waste water treatment
  • Sewerage
  • Treatment plants (process, design, sizing…)
  • Waste water recycling
  • Treatment of industrial water
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The Studies
  • Pre feasibility and techno-economic feasibility
  • Preliminary Design
  • Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Development of bidding documents (Tender)
  • Bid opening
  • Assistance during procurement process
  • Delegated contract development
  • Monitoring of work performance
  • Technical assistance to the control
Business Support
  • Development of upgrade strategic diagnosis
  • Steering the implementation of the upgrade
  • Steering the implementation of the upgrade
    action plans
  • Preparing financial restructuring files
  • Financial assistance for closure assembly and
    financing schemes
  • Implementation of air quality and environment
    management system
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Our Vision & values

At TESCO, our passion is to make a contribution to a better quality of life around the globe. This is what drives us and makes us believe in our work.

Our Mission

TESCO acts in close partnership with its customers with rigor which are expressed by:

Consultancy that empowers you...

Thanks to a dynamic and mutidisciplinary team, and to a solid experience acquired over the years, TESCO has specialized in studies of Preliminary Design, Feasibility studies and technical and economic studies, market research, tender material, bid opening, assistance in contracting, monitoring of work implementation and technical assistance as well as support for companies in the strategic area of development and financial restructuring. TESCO also relies on its partnership with international leaders and on its network of reputed consultants.

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Our Partners

TESCO works in partnership with international companies such as ILF Consulting, Fichtner and Lahmeyer. Additional professional expertise and resources are thus available to our company and enable us to handle also very complex and highly specialized engineering and consultancy work which often requires cross-sectoral approach.

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